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WCF Recognised Tournaments


Croquet is a sport played world-wide. With a long history of development the sport has matured so that now, all full member National Governing Bodies organise their own national and regional championships to complement those organised by individual clubs that affiliate to them.

The World Croquet Association officially recognises the following World Class Tournaments and organising bodies.




WCF World Association Croquet Championship


World Croquet Federation
WCF World Golf Croquet Championship


World Croquet Federation
WCF Women's World Golf Croquet Championship


World Croquet Federation
WCF World 14 point Association Croquet Team Championship


World Croquet Federation
World Association Croquet Team Championship for The MacRobertson Shield


The Croquet Association, Australian Croquet Association, Croquet New Zealand and United States Croquet Association
Olympic Games

International Olympic Committee
Responsibility for the organisation, conditions of entry, tournament regulations and ancillary matters of any of these Tournaments initially rests with the organising body, unless, with their permission, the Tournament arrangements have been delegated to another organisation.

For example the Tournaments that are the direct responsibility of the WCF are normally awarded and hence, delegated, to a National Governing Body.

Those Tournaments that are the direct responsibility of the WCF, whether delegated or not, will be governed by the Laws or Rules of the Game and the Tournament Regulations of the hosting country, subject to the agreement of, and any WCF Sports Regulations made by, the WCF from time to time.


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