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2011 World Women's Golf Croquet Championship for the "Clarke Trophy"


The World Croquet Federation (WCF) has awarded the 4th WCF Women's Golf Croquet World Championship to Croquet New Zealand. The event will be staged in the Bay of Plenty from the 19th to 26th November 2011.

Please pay entry fees via the Entry tab above- for all other information see the event web site.


Singles 19th to 26th November 2011

Group Stage 19th, 20th and 21st November

Knockout (R32): Tuesday 22nd November

Knockout (R16): Wednesday 23rd November

Knockout (QF): Thursday 24th November

Knockout (SF): Friday 25th November

Knockout (Final): Saturday 26th November

Consolation Singles: Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th November

A qualifying event will be held on 15th and 16th November - see the event website.


The Clarke Trophy to be awarded to the winner of the Tournament

A trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Consolation Event


56 players

Event Organising Committee

Tournament Director: Steve Piercy
Tournament Manager: Geoff Young
Tournament Referee: Gordon Smith


Friday 18th November

Playing Conditions

Please note these may change.

The Championship shall be played in accordance with the WCF Rules of Golf Croquet 2007 edition as amended from time to time, and the WCF Sports Regulations as amended from time to time. Please note these conditions are always subject to possible change.

All results of matches played in this Championship will be included in the WCF Golf Croquet Rankings.

Balls: Dawson International, Primary Colours

Hoops: set to 1/32" with a tolerance of 1/64"

Starting times to be notified


8 Groups of 6 (or 7) players playing best of three 13 point matches

Followed by a Knockout of 32 players

Best of five matches from Semi-Final stage onwards

Consolation Events: The Plate - single matches played in two or four sections followed by semi-finals and final; this will be an optional event for the 24 players who do not qualify for the Knock Out. The actual format used and block sizes drawn will depend upon the number of players who choose to enter the Plate.

For the 16 players who lose in the 1st round of the KO there will be another consolation event, the exact format of which will depend on the numbers entering.

For the 8 players knocked out of the 2nd round, any who wish to play further games will be obliged as best meets the need.

For the 4 players knocked out in the 3rd round there will be no further organised play.


WCF is not a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency Doping Code.

CNZ is not a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency Doping Code and anti-doping testing will not take place at this Championship.

For further information on the WADA Doping Code see the WCF Anti-Doping page.

Child Protection

For those who are under 18 on the 18th June 2011:-

All member associations are reminded of the requirements of child protection for ALL WCF Championships and particularly the one cited above.

A child is any person under the age of 18 years. (United Nations: Convention on the Rights of the Child)

For WCF purposes it is interpreted that they are a child if they are under the age of 18 years on the first date of competition.

When nominating players for entry to ANY WCF event, the relevant member association must have regard to the age of the players they are nominating.  Where it is apparent that a child is being nominated they must take all steps to prevent harm and ensure their continuing safety from home, back to home.

Whilst WCF and any host association will take all reasonable steps to mitigate any perceived risk to children, neither are in a position to guarantee the overall safety of a child or assume responsibility for them whilst they are attending a WCF event.  This is particularly relevant to those periods where a child player is not actively participating.

Whenever a child is nominated by a member association, such nomination MUST be accompanied by:-

  • WCFCP Form 1 Under Age Release;
  • WCFCP Form 2 Child Protection Medical Information.

Both of these forms require the signature of the child’s parent / guardian.

The Under age release form also requires the signature of a responsible person on behalf of the nominating member association.

Only upon receipt of those forms and the nomination will the entry for the child be accepted.

Link to the forms and full WCF Child Protection Guidance

Member Associations should satisfy themselves, in dialogue with their own Child Protection Officer that the child they have nominated is of sufficient age and understanding that they look after themselves or, that they have put in place sufficient safeguarding arrangements to ensure the child’s safety is protected from home back to home.

They should bear in mind that many carriers and local jurisdictions actively prevent children from travelling alone.

Supervision of a child, from home back to home, may be undertaken by any person over the age of 18 years, such as:-

  • a designated member of the nominating member association accompanying the child acting as a Team Supervisor;
  • a parent / guardian of another child attending the event who is designated as a supervisor and who is conversant with their protective role;
  • another player who is designated as a supervisor and who is conversant with their protective role.

Entry Fee

Entry information to be provided later

Entry payments

Number of Entrants

Allocation of places to member associations by WCF

1st February 2011

Closing Date for entries & wildcard nominations to WCF

30th June 2011

Wild Card Invitation Period

1st July to 31st August 2011

Wild Card Closing Date


Total number of entries:- 48 - 56





    Croquet Clubs within the Bay of Plenty Region, New Zealand

  • 6 lawns at Mount Sports Green
  • 3 lawns at Tauranga Croquet Club
  • 5 lawns at KatiKati Croquet Club

See the event web site for details

Transport and Accommodation

Players will be responsible for their costs to the venue, accommodation and meals during the tournament, and travel costs home.

Overseas players should fly into Auckland International Airport. The Bay of Plenty is approximately 2hr30mins drive from Auckland. Flights from Auckland to Tauranga (approximately 25mins) and regular coach services are available also.

Bay of Plenty

There is a variety of accommodation available in the Bay of Plenty region ranging from backpacker to luxury accommodation. More information on availability and price will be made available via the event web site in due course.

Players will be able to purchase lunches at the host clubs each day. See the event web site for more details.

Passport and Visas

Day Trips

General Information


See the event web site for more details

Results and Media

Full results table


Media Releases

Initial announcement


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Updated January 26, 2012