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WCF Governance

WCF is governed and directed by its membership through its Statutes consisting of:
WCF Rules, WCF Regulations, WCF Guidance and a WCF Business Planpdf logo (0.28mb). Together they aim to achieve the overall objectives of the Federation..

WCF Objectives

The principles and objects of the Federation are:

  • To encourage, promote and develop the recognised versions of the game of croquet ("the Games") internationally at all levels.
  • To encourage and promote the teaching of the Games internationally.
  • To uphold and enforce the laws of the Games.
  • To promote international team and individual championships.
  • To make and uphold regulations for international championships.
  • To recognise certain croquet championships by sanctioning and licensing them to be held under the auspices of the Federation.
  • To employ the funds of the Federation as may be deemed appropriate.
  • To increase by joint action the influence of Associations in dealings with other sports governing bodies and with local and national authorities.
  • To preserve the independence of the Federation in all matters relating to the Games and its relations with Associations.
  • To recognise that the Federation has powers to control Games played in any nation, but only when the appropriate Member Association has given its prior agreement.
  • To publish a newsletter periodically to aid exchange of information.
  • To make awards to those who have contributed to the achievement of the Federation's aims.
  • To uphold these principles and objects and generally to take such measures as may seem expedient for advancing the international interests of the Games whilst upholding a commitment to non-racial and non-discriminatory sport.
  • To enforce the observance of these Rules.

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